32nd Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show

     Corrales Historical Society

     Corrales, New Mexico – October, 2020

New Mexico Art League

     “Black & White”– March, 2020

New Mexico Art League

     “Small Works Holiday Show”– January, 2020

Albuquerque Art Showcase

     “New Mexico’s Fine Art Expo”– August, 2019

The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission

Community Gallery

     “Happy Little Clouds”– June, 2019

Weyrich Gallery

     Solo Show,“AbScapes”– April, 2019

Weyrich Gallery

     “Traces”– April, 2017

FreeStyle Gallery

     “Visual Delights”– January, 2017

FreeStyle Gallery

     “Counterparts”– October, 2016

South Broadway Cultural Center

     “Channels”– August, 2016

Park Fine Art

     “A Little Art in Your Life”– December, 2014

“6th International Tour”– September, 2014

     Veronese Gallery, California

     Galerie 89, Paris, France

     Park Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM

The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

     “Miniatures & More”– October, 2014

FreeStyle Gallery

     Solo Show,“Series Pentimenti”– July, 2014

KiMo Theater

     “Plus & Minus”– June-August, 2014

FreeStyle Gallery

     “Salon 14”– February, 2014

“5th International Tour”– June, 2013

     Da He Gulf Art Museum, Beijing, China

     Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

     Park Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM

“Korea International Art Fair”– October, 2013

     Seoul, Korea

Matrix Gallery

     “Abstract New Mexico”– October, 2012

     Juried by Andrew Connors, Curator of Art,

     The Albuquerque Museum of Art

Santa Fe Community Gallery

     “Odes and Offerings”– March, 2012

South Broadway Cultural Center

     “Approaching Surface”– July, 2011

Santa Fe Community Gallery

     “Mining the Unconscious”– June, 2011

Flux Contemporary

     “Impure Abstraction“– September, 2010

     “A Story Line”– July, 2010

     “Thermal Duration”– June, 2010

     “Earth and Sky”– May, 2010

     “Parallel Universe”– April, 2010

     “Blue & Black”– February, 2010

     “Shades of Grey”– January, 2010

South Broadway Cultural Center

     “The Eyes Have It”– October, 2008

Hispanic Arts Building (EXPO)

     “The Eyes Have It”– September, 2007