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“I have always been visually fascinated by an object’s surface...whether 

it is the hand-rubbed patina of a well-used puebloan olla, or the visual 

pentimenti created by torn remnants of Chicago subway advertising posters. 

To me these surfaces exhibit a certain visual history that is associated with 

the object’s past...they also display unique designs that are captivating 

in their accidental randomness.

     In my work, I have explored a creative process which involves applying 

multiple layers of color and gesture to produce a desired result. I then 

destroy the image by completely painting over it. Using an electric hand 

sander, I partially grind off the top layer to reveal the under painting 

beneath. The resulting patina is a record of the painting’s visual history 

and the multiple stages of my creative act.”



ROGER GREEN’S initial emotional and cultural influences 

began as he was growing up on the North Side of Chicago.

He lived in a nest of apartment buildings laced with narrow 

gangways and ever-rising brick walls, that kept the world 

out and his creative imagination in.

     As a teenager Roger’s oasis from this urban maze was 

in the form of a unique Art Major program at the Nicholas 

Senn Academy. There he was mentored by Elliot Balter 

and Elliot Jacobson, both respected instructors at the Art 

Institute of Chicago. Their introduction to the world of art 

and its history, along with his attendance at the Chicago 

Academy of Art, was to stimulate a life-long interest in the 

world of fine art.

     Roger‘s journey into the creative fray began when he 

worked for two of the world’s largest advertising agencies, 

where he become a Creative Director/ Vice President. He 

created and produced award-winning television and print 

campaigns for nationally known clients. Roger has received 

many awards for creative excellence–including a Lion d’ 

Argent at the Cannes Film Festival, France; a Gold Medal 

from the International Film and Television Festival, New 

York; a Gold Medal from the Hollywood International Film 

Festival; and three Clio Awards.

During this time Roger was also exploring his own creative artistic processes–large format Abstract Expressionistic canvases with great attention given to surface treatment

and textural effects. His first one-man show at the Claussen Gallery was a success and led to additional solo exhibits in the greater Chicago-land area. Roger also taught Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Illinois Institute of Art and was a member of their Art Curriculum Advisory Board.

He has been a guest instructor at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and the Ray Vogue School of Design.

     Over fifteen years ago, Roger was drawn to New Mexico 

because of its unique mixture of cultures and the ever-

changing artistic landscape. Here he has experienced a 

new-found freedom of expression, that has manifested 

itself in a unique painting style that combines the initial 

urban influences of the city with the magic and power of 

the New Mexican cultural presence. His paintings are 

expressive, gestural and elegant.They are strikingly modern, yet they capture a glimpse of the archetypal–the collectively inherited unconscious ideas that are present in all of us.

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